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The Australian Silo Clean System comprises specialised cutting heads, equipment, methodology and technology, which, used by trained personnel, has tremendous advantages over conventional methods of cleaning silos, bins and bunkers.

It is a dry system, driven by compressed air, and usually requires only one operator. During the System’s evolution, satisfactory results have been obtained in not only cleaning, but also the removal of hang ups, build up and blockages.

The Australian Silo Clean method of cleaning can handle build-ups extending from several kilograms of contaminating dust on the roof and walls of a silo, to total chokes of hundreds of tonnes, with products varying in consistency from soft or sticky to those resembling concrete.

Products that are potentially explosive, hazardous, or toxic can be safely removed by the System with little to no direct contact.

Regular or programmed cleaning can maintain maximum silo capacity, operational efficiency, reduce contamination and infestation and enhance quality control.

For most applications, on a single silo operation, factory air of 250cfm at 100psi would be adequate for the System requirements. For more difficult products, larger silos or simultaneous, multi silo clean downs, air at larger volumes and pressures is required, with the employment of a mobile compressor usually necessary.

The Australian Silo Clean operation is extremely cost effective due to the quick set up time, speed of operation and the fact that 2 men can clean 2, 3 or even 4 silos simultaneously depending on silo size, product, available air capacity and plant layout.