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The Australian Silo Clean System has numerous advantages over conventional methods:

  • Safety
    The conventional system of cleaning silos, bins and bunkers involves putting personnel into a confined space. Apart from the workers’ natural dislike of doing this type of work the chances of an accident are relatively high, even with appropriate safety equipment.Using the Australian Silo Clean System eliminates the need for such entry.


  • Logistical Advantages
    Engaging Australian Silo Clean is useful to overcome the following common problems:
    a. Lack of trained available personnel.
    b. Lack of time to do the job required.
    c. Interruption to other necessary factory processes.
    d. Lack of available bin space.


  • Hygiene
    Silo cleaning has a tendency to be put on the “back burner” – put off until the necessity is overwhelming. This can result in product contamination, build up of material, pests etc., and lost bin capacity.The areas most affected by build up of unwanted debris, ie under the roof surface, in the cone or outlet areas, are easily cleaned using the System. Experience in the food industries has shown that the occurrence of pests and subsequent fumigation is lessened by System usage. System usage also provides cleaner bin surfaces resulting in better product flow.
  • Production
    When factories rely on batch weigh systems to produce the finished product, any blockage or hang up poses problems. In most instances, for safety, lines have to be “locked off” to allow bin entry to clear such problems. The use of mallets to encourage flow is not the best treatment of a silo and inevitably involves costly repair work at a later date.Using the Australian Silo Clean System, a trained operator can overcome blockages and hang ups without disrupting production, and the cleaning action has a tendency to polish the internal surfaces of the bin enabling better product flow. The system effectively pays for itself!


  • Australian Standard 2865-1995
    The above standard makes it mandatory for employers to provide safe conditions for working in confined spaces. All State governments have called up the standard and passed it into legislation.Apart from the costs of the relevant safety equipment, the paperwork, training and testing involved pose a constant strain on any production plant faced with these problems.Use of the Australian Silo Clean System obviates most of the requirements of this standard which are directly related to entering a confined space.


  • Quality Assurance
    Using the Australian Silo Clean System, regular planned maintenance can be achieved with a minimum of fuss. This, coupled with a simple scheduling sheet, together with individual silo/bin log sheets, provide the basis for proof of such maintenance to satisfy Quality Assurance and ISO compliance.