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Australian Silo Clean has been in operation for over 30 years. The business was started to provide safe efficient cleaning of silo and storage facilities for companies that put employee safety first.

The Australian Silo Clean method avoids the risks of confined space by enabling the operators to remain outside the silo by deploying high pressure air and cutting hoses and heads within the silo. The pressure of the air whips the hoses and cutting heads to impact upon and break up the stored product, dropping it to the bottom of the silo.

Once the product drops and flows out of the silo, the silo reduces its dead stock. The method can be used on a wide range of storage shapes and product types.

Australian Silo manages the selection of compressor and the volume and pressure of air to get the best cleaning results. If your employee safety is your company’s highest priority when cleaning or clearing storage facilities call Australian Silo Cleaning.