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The Australian Silo Clean System is a dry method of cleaning out silos, bins and bunkers.

Usually operated by a crew of two men, the System can successfully remove products such as Cement, Coal, Mineral ores, Lime products, Flyash, Stockfeed, Flour and all the various Grain products. No human entry is required.

Internal cleaning

Blocked up Silo

It is a dry system, driven by compressed air, and usually requires only one operator. During the System’s evolution, satisfactory results have been obtained in not only cleaning, but also the removal of hang ups, build up and blockages.

External Cleaning


External cleaning is completed using a pressure washing system. ASC can arrange all necessary equipment required to complete the cleaning process thoroughly and efficiently.

Benefit of Silo Cleaning?

Geelong-Roof-HosesGenerally, by maximising storage space means maximising your return. By holding a larger pay-load also means a more efficient return on investment. Why fill 10,000lt tank to 50% and never use the rest of the space, it’s wasted money.

Industries Serviced

Australian Silo Clean is the leading Silo Cleaning company in Australia and overseas. We have provided services for cement, mining, rural, foods manufacturers, plastics, paper and glass, plus many more.

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When To Clean

One of the major signs that a silo requires cleaning is when your flow is disrupted when opening the silo. Mixing and loading times are slowed and in turn, the cost of production increases due to unnecessary time delays.

Anyone in the industry knows about the risk of contamination. At ASC we save our clients the hassles of losing entire batches due to cross contamination.

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Your Benefits

Australian Silo Clean has an outstanding record for efficiency and minimal downtime for our clients. Our methods of cleaning have no by-products that will harm produce. In many cases, reclaimed material can often be re-used.

The system involve no closed space entry, therefore saving companies thousands in compliancy costs. ASC is fully insured and meets all Australian Industry Standards.

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The System

Driven by compressed air, at pressures from 100psi to 290 psi, problems from bridging to complete blockages can be relieved.

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The System is effective for removing a wide range of materials from many kinds of silos and containers.

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The safety and effectiveness of the System are just two of the advantages we have over traditional methods.

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Our Clients

Operating throughout Australia and many other countries, our previous clients include Blue Circle Cement, Weston Milling, Flinders Power and Ridley Stockfeed.

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Case Studies

The effectiveness of our System has amazed numerous companies over the last 15 years.

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Leasing Options

Certain companies may find leasing our System more efficient than contract services.

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